Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Whoop, a New Year

For the past 2 months, I've been saying..."I can't wait for 2008 to end...I'm sick of 2008....will 2008 ever end?". I attached a "curse of 2008" to all the heartache, stress and frustration that was abundant in my life during 2008. (I just deleted a paragraph where I outlined the cursed events of 2008. Why in the world would I want to document that crap?) Instead, here are the highlights of the year.

  • Joel got a job, doing what he wants to do and he is happy!
  • Aaron was able to quit his thankless, stressful and dirty job to embark on a new career
  • Mallory graduated from college, fulfilling her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher
  • Mallory's health is much, much better
I usually regard the new year with the hope and optimism that somehow life will improve, become less stressful and easier to live. But that only lasts a few days into the new year as life goes on as usual. One day rolling into the next, rolling into weeks, and into months. It's not likely that things will change all that much in the new year. The year will be full of good and bad and I will just roll along like I always have.

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sweetlittlelife said...

Good for you for looking at the positive! I did the same thing and then I realized...yesterday was 2008 and today is 2009 and not a darn thing is different. I love you!