Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spending the hours reminicsing

I have slumped around the house all afternoon, not accomplishing a darned thing. I had hoped to find some desire to tackle a project on my to-do list, but that didn't happen. I did nose around in one of my closets and discovered a box I hadn't gone through in a long time. Inside were school report cards, (sweet) homemade cards from Mallory, old newspaper articles (primarily involving my Dad and his James Dean connection) and even a piece of wallpaper from my childhood bedroom. I also found several of my school yearbooks. These pictures of me are in third, seventh, eighth and eleventh grades. You might recognize the Dorothy Hamil wedge haircut in my Junior year picture. I can still remember having my picture taken at school and I remember how exciting it was to get our brand new yearbooks. It's fun to look back...the day hasn't been a total loss afterall.

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sweetlittlelife said...

Ahhhhh!!! I love it!!!! You are so prettyful!