Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're eating out tomorrow night

I had ants in my pants this evening. I couldn't sit still and I was in a munching mood (nothing new!) so I decided to make some chex mix. Here is a picture of my finished product. How could I burn the chex mix? And in the microwave! I made a half batch but I didn't think to cut the cook time in half. It was burning while I was peeking out the window, watching a car that was stuck in the snow down the road from our house. I told you I was nosey, in my last post. Now the house is stinky and my stomach hurts because I picked around and ate some of the mix that wasn't over-cooked.

I haven't had much luck with cooking lately. Tuesday night I made chicken enchiladas. They were passable but they were a little runny and the tortillas were mushy. Tonight I made escalloped potatoes with ham and it was runny too and the cheese didn't melt right.....blaaaahhhh. I guess I'll just have to give up on cooking. :)


sweetlittlelife said...

I would totally be okay with never cooking again! I'm sorry your chex mix was a bust. Maybe it's just an off day...or week. Go out to eat!

Leasa said...

I am soooo craving party mix now. And not the bagged kind but the homemade kind. I think I would even eat it a little burnt. :-)