Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doo Dads

I have been craving Doo Dads snack mix. After doing some online research, I was saddened to learn that Nabisco discontinued the product (which was popular in the 70's and 80's). more Doo Dads? They stopped making Twigs and Tidbits too. I found several online forums for Doo Dad lovers like myself and learned that Nabisco makes something called Mixers, which is supposedly similar to Doo Dads. I have not found MIxers at grocery stores in my area. If you happen to see Mixers in your store, will you please let me know?


sweetlittlelife said...

I personally love the name Twigs and Tidbits???!!! I wish I could find you Doo Dads or Mixers or whatever you want...I wish I could find it!

Momma Truitt said...

I have not seen Mixers, but my all time favorite snack is Twigs. I was heartbroken when they stopped making them. I hope you find your Mixers!!

Leasa said...

I had no idea they stopped making Doo-Dads. I looked for them a few month ago. Bummer!