Friday, February 6, 2009

My new friend

I have a new friend. Her name is Vera Bradley. I bought Mallory a Vera Bradley purse, online, for Christmas. It came in a beautiful box; the purse wrapped in tissue paper. Mallory was shocked and very happy to receive the gift. The purse was so pretty and nicely made that I decided to order one for myself. I can't wait until March when I plan to start using my new purse. I also bought a cell phone case that straps onto my purse. I love it! Now I always know where to find my phone. And it's so cute! I bought another cell phone case on E-Bay just today.

This is my purse and this is my cell phone case

This is Mallory's purse.

Vera Bradley actually has clearance sales.
How could I afford "Vera" otherwise?


My Life Song Sings For You said...

I have a coin purse that matches your cell phone holder! Great taste! Love ya! :)

sweetlittlelife said...

Pretty Pretty. My cell phone and debit card fit in my keychain wallet thingy...I love it!