Saturday, February 21, 2009

Simple things

I've been "in a mood" this week. I would love to see "it" go away so I started thinking today about the small things that bring me pleasure. Here are some of those things:

swinging on my swing
tight hugs
Joel's gentle touch
Mallory's sweet voice
a full moon
a foot massage
the smell of clean sheets, fresh from the dryer
warm towels and blankets fresh from the dryer
ice cold diet coke over ice
my 70's songs playlist on my blog
tender white popcorn
changing out of my work clothes and into my jammies
my first sip of coffee in the morning
my clutter-free bedroom
the morning sun shining through my bedroom window
the smell of fresh-cut grass
staying up late
lazy Sundays
taking a long shower
sleeping late on Saturday
listening to Joel's jokes
maraschino cherries
butter pecan ice cream
opening up the house windows in the spring
a roaring camp fire
peace and quiet

the list is endless...

1 comment:

sweetlittlelife said...

THese things make me happy! I love this post!