Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From blah to blech

I've got the
winter blues, the March blahs, the season-between-winter-and-spring blechs. And seeing as how March just started, I'm probably in for a long haul of blahs. It has been unacceptably cold for the past few days. My winter clothes are starting to bore and annoy me. My wardrobe was not great to start so that doesn't help. As for my hair and skin....I won't go there. On the bright side, the sun is shining again today.

I'm going to be taking a "personal enrichment" course at Ivy Tech on digital photography, starting next week. I'm looking forward to learning something new and just maybe the class will perk me up. I could probably learn everything I need to know about using my camera in the owner's manual but I'm more of a hands-on learner (which translates into, I'm lazy and I want someone to show me how to do it).

I'm hoping the blahs and blechs will retreat soon. I need to get busy finishing some indoor house projects before my spring/summer reading-and-sitting-on-my-swing session begins.


sweetlittlelife said...

I'm so happy that you decided to take the photography class! It will soon be spring. We got through the worst part! It's all looking up from here!

My Life Song Sings For You said...

Good luck with your class! That sounds like so much fun! I would rather be be shown how to use something rather than read a manual any day!

Beautiful~Mallory said...

Sorry to hear about you feeling blah blah i would say( mal knows what im talking about) but like she said the best is just around the corner!! good luck on your class