Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday!

Joel turned 50 on May 2nd and I managed to pull off a surprise party for him. The weather was rainy which meant we all had to scrunch into our living room but no one seemed to mind. In fact, I think everyone had a great time. I prepared a bunch of party food and got a big cake. Even though Joel was dreading this birthday, he seemed to really enjoy himself. We have great families and wonderful friends. They made it a wonderful celebration!

Happy Birthday, Baby...let the party continue!


sweetlittlelife said...

It was so much fun! You did such a nice job!

Momma Truitt said...

You are a good little wife!!! How did jury go?

Tresa said...

Mallory: Thank you!
Amanda: Jury duty was nothing more than a full day of sitting in a courtroom while other perspective jurors were questioned. I didn't get called to be questioned...long, day!