Sunday, December 6, 2009

MISSING: blogging mojo

It seems I've lost... well, my mind. I'm struggling to find words for a post. All sorts of stuff I want to say is running through my mind; getting the thoughts organized for writing seems impossible. I feel like I'm back in high school English, expected to write an essay in class. PRESSURE! I know this is silly...I'm just surprised because in the past, I've enjoyed being able to sit down and fly through a post, my thoughts flowing freely from mind to keyboard. I have a lot to report. It's been a busy fall season for me and now here we are just a few weeks from Christmas. I'm excited about Christmas this year. I had some help from my friend and co-worker, Susan, who has a 4 year old son (Emerson--whom I adore). She's been shopping for toys and such since August. Her joy and excitement has been contagious.

Looking early September, my sister, Mallory and I pulled off a surprise 70th birthday party for my mom (her birthday is August 22). What fun! Lots of family and friends came. Shirley Pulley (mom) was very surprised!

In early fall, Mallory, Susan and I attended a Taste of Home Cooking School. I have always wanted to attend this event and finally, there was one close to home. It was a blast! The presenter was witty and fun, I learned a lot, and it was a fun girls night out.

I love the fall season and the decor. Mallory surprised me with this awesome Halloween light up thingy from Cracker Barrel. He made me smile!

I love a parade! These pictures were taken at Fairmount's Halloween parade. I had not seen a halloween parade since Mallory was small, so this was a fun treat. I loved the nun--she passed out goodie bags to the participants.

I guess this wraps up my September and October report. I'll be back as soon as I find my blogging mojo.


sweetlittlelife said...

i love your layout!

sweetlittlelife said...

Such a cute post! Maybe you'll find your blogging Mojo in the new year. Anything you write is fun to read!

Tresa said...

Thank you and thank you! You are such a sweetie and an encouragement to me.