Thursday, May 12, 2011


This picture of me was taken when I was 10 years old. Last night, I got my hair cut and it looks very much like this picture. This was not intentional. My hairstyle for the last 2 years has been an "inverted bob", just above my shoulders. I'm NEVER up-to-date with trends, fashion or hair-wise. I got my "inverted bob" years after the trend started. But, at my appointment last night I decided to have my hairstylist fringe the ends because I read that fringy ends are in and that the structured "bob" is on its way out. I guess fringing the ends means something different to her than it does to me. My dreams of looking fab, up in smoke, scattered on the salon floor. I lost a lot of hair. After she was finished, I averted my eyes from the mirror and pretended that I liked it and worked furiously to convince myself that everything was gonna be all right. As soon as I got in the car, the tears started. I called Mallory crying and blabbering;if Joel had not been having dinner with friends, he would have gotten a phone call too. I fussed with myself all the way home about the fact that the little voice in my head told me not to do it. Why didn't I listen??? When I got home, Mallory was relieved to see that my haircut was not nearly as tragic as I led her to believe. She was very complimentary. Joel came home and I gave him my sob story to which he said, "I like your hair, it makes you look younger". I sat up in my chair a little taller. I finally realized that I am too old to be freaking out about my hair and as Joel reminded me, nothing is permanent and my hair will grow back. I guess I won't be getting a haircut again anytime soon. The moral of this story: LISTEN TO THAT LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD!


Coleen said...

Good story. Mine always grows back so fast. I'm following here now. Hope you come over and consider following on mine too.

Coleen in Ukraine

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I'm for anything that makes me look younger.