Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raves and a Rant

RAVE:  Olivia
(happy sigh, heart melting)
She is 10 months old now.  

RAVE: Mom and Dad celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on February 20th!  
Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom. 

RAVE:  Turner Classic Movie channel. I have recently rediscovered the joy and beauty of old films (not just the ones most well-known). Here are a few of my new, favorite classics:

RAVE:  For the kinder, gentler American Idol. 

RAVE:  Katherine McPhee and SMASH. I love this show!

RANT:  "Victoria Beckham, she's very, very tired", so the headline reads on the Wonderwall @  Poor Victoria...she's juggling children, various business ventures and a super-star husband.
Poor, pitiful Victoria with her posse of nanny's, housekeepers, assistants, and stylists.
It seems the poor thing has been losing sleep because she has to get up with the baby at night, all while dealing with her new clothing line. WAAHH!!!   Look, I understand that the scope of personal problems are relative to our environment, but I have no tolerance for mega-rich celebrities who bring it on themselves.


sweetlittlelife said...

Cool post!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I can't believe I missed this story about poor poor Victoria. I remember about 15 years ago my youngest sister moved to L.A. She told us how the news was so pathetic, all focusing on celebs and their issues and woes. Seems like that is all over the country now. Can't even escape it. I love smash too!