Friday, March 23, 2012

New York City- Part 1

Last week at this time I was in the Big Apple with my two sisters Leasa and Christy.  My brother-in-law planned the trip and treated us to plane tickets and a real New York apartment for 4 days--lucky us! 

Here we are riding from the airport into NYC. 

The City 

No trip to NY would be complete without a trip to Macy's. 

Lunch in Chinatown at Hop Kee--delicious! 

Chinatown, NYC

This is my sister Christy. The picture was taken during our walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

My sister Leasa and I on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

We went to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. So cool! 

This is my sister Leasa, posing with her flea market "find". She fell in love with this purse and we heard about it for the rest of the trip. "Have you seen my new purse?", "I love my new purse", "Look at my new purse". We named the purse Downtown Pursey Brown. We got a lot of laughs out of that $20.00 purse!

Here is the gnocchi I inhaled at Lunello Ristorante in Little Italy. It was delicious! 

 And here is the Italian Neapolitan dessert that I chose from Ferrara's Italian Bakery. I also had my first-ever cannoli.

NYC to be continued....

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~~Carol~~ said...

I never ever wanted to visit NYC until after 9/11. Now it's on the top of my list! Looks like you gals had a great time!