Monday, May 7, 2012


Recently I purchased a bag of Uncle Ray's Nacho Tortilla Chips. The chips were cheap and tasted a little cheap (sorry Unc) but I ate 'em anyway (of course). On the back of the chip bag, "Uncle Ray" shared a story about his family and "joyfulness" which I found to be interesting and uplifting. He also included the following:

"Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with unpleasant situations"

Here are simple things to remember to help you demonstrate Joyfulness in every day life.

I Will:
Look for good in all things
Smile at adversity
Not give in to discouragement
Not allow my emotions to rule my mind
Take time out of every day to laugh and sing

I sincerely hope you find some joyfulness in today and every day!


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

thanks for sharing the JOY my friend...tons of hugs!!!!

Mimos da ClaralĂș! said...

Hello dear!
I came to thank the sweet words you left on my blog, thank you!
Have you seen? Just like you have a beautiful little angel in his life (his granddaughter), I also have two little angels, Cesar Augusto(9 years) and Maria Clara(3 years old).
Thank you for caring Tresa, check back often, I love to see your comments there on my little blog. You seem a very sweet person.
May God bless you and your entire family.
PS:Beautiful words of Uncle Ray!

Tresa said...

I love finding a new post on your blog. I enjoy reading about your life, very much. Thank you for keeping up with my blog and always making uplifting and sweet comments. You are a jewel!


Tresa said...

You are very welcome! Here's to more joy in our lives than we could ever imagine!


Holly said...

Not allow emotions to rule my mind...that's a tough one.

Tresa said...

Not allowing my emotions to rule is tough for me too. I am sensitive and emotional and menopausal! At least the laughing and singing daily comes easy for me and I have a feeling that's an easy one for you too. :)