Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Me

I took this idea from Mallory's blog.

25 random things about me:

1. I have an identical twin sister.
2. I wanted to have more than one child although I couldn't have asked for a better daughter than Mallory.
3. I would love to own a teacher supply store or a gift shop.
4. I wanted to be a school teacher.
5. My sister and I have a small side business. I make floral hair barrettes.
6. My picture was once in Fortune Magazine. LOL (seriously)
7. I can twirl a baton.
8. I love the television show The Waltons

9. I love 70's music and it's pretty much all I listen to.
10. My favorite place to be is outside, on my swing (with a good book and a diet coke).
11. I am addicted to Diet Coke.
12. I have never met a doughnut I didn't like or a cookie...or any sweet for that matter.
13. I do not like any type of seafood.
14. I absolutely LOVE Las Vegas and I can't wait to go back.
15. I enjoy playing Texas Hold 'Em poker.
16. I love to play hidden object games, online.
17. I collect anthropomorphic items (inantimate objects that have human characteristics).

18. I would love to go to Italy some day.
19. I am excited about the prospect of having a grandchild within the next few years.
20. I rush and hurry to get a lot of things done. Joel calls me Speedy Lady. Sometimes, I really goof things up when I'm in too much of a hurry.
21. I waste a lot of time, piddling around.
22. I want a chihuahua.
23. Humidity makes me very irritable.
24. I am nosey.
25. I am loyal.


Momma Truitt said...

I have never heard of anthropomorphic items before. That's really cool!! And how did you get in Fortune magazine?? BTW, I am nosy too... hehehe

sweetlittlelife said...

I didn't know that you were in Fortune magazine! Do you have a copy? Was it for IRI? Your anthro... picture made me cute and cheery!

My Life Song Sings For You said...

We are a lot alike!

3. and 6. I had no idea!
12. Amen!
18. We should go together!
21. and 24. Me too!

Tresa said...

When I was about 21 years old, I worked for a cutting edge market research company. Fortune Magazine was doing a story on the company. They came to our location to take pictures of the technology. I just happened to be at the helm, so-to-speak, when the photographer was there. I have the issue stashed away somewhere.