Thursday, January 8, 2009

Billy the cat

This is our cat Billy, Billy Holiday. She started hanging around our house about two years ago but she was very skittish. Eventually I won her trust with a little bologna and the rest, as they say, is history. She is at our door every morning and every evening, meowing and meowing and meowing for her meal. She eats and hangs out here but she puts her paws up for the night down the road, at the nearest house. We're pretty sure she sleeps in one of the farm's out buildings. In the summer, Billy likes to lay in the yard near my swing. In the winter, she loves to come inside and snuggle up with Joel. She loves him. She tolerates me. She's nipped at me a few times. Apparently she's never heard "dont bite the hand that feeds you". I love her anyway.


sweetlittlelife said...

I saw the title and went..."awwww." I never knew that she cuddled with Joel like that. Do you ever remind her that he places her food bowl in the middle of the road? Haha! I'm just teasing. The man bought her a feast for Christmas and she has good reasons to love him.

Tell her Jack says hello and would love to run through the corn.

Tresa said...

She wouldn't eat her feast! Joel was so disappointed. One thing for sure, Jack would never turn down a feast. And he's not fickle and finicky like Billy.

sweetlittlelife said...

She appreciated the the thought, but had better things to do.