Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Day so Far

1. wake up early...piddle around too much because I have all this extra time (ha!)
2. can't decide what to wear...more time wasting away
3. leave the house 8 minutes late
4. get 1/2 mile down the road, notice something feels wrong with the car
5. stop car, get out, walk around car, notice front tire is almost flat
6. limp into Summitville on nearly flat tire to get air at Circle K
7. get to Circle K and learn that I have no change for air machine and no cash with which to get change
8. go into Circle K to get cash from ATM; ATM "temporarily unavailable"
9. ask cashier if I can get cash back with a purchase, she says "no, sorry"
10. tear rolls down my face
11. nice cashier says, "let me see if I have 3 quarters", she does...I thank her profusely
12. go back to car and notice that air machine takes debit/credit cards (unbelievable!)
13. see nice young man getting in car next to mine, ask him if he thinks tire is beyond point of being able to maintain air, he checks tire...
14. nice young man offers to put air in tire for me (took two swipes of my debit card)
15. thank young man profusely...return 75 cents to cashier in store
16. call work to say why I'm late....very understanding boss
17. drive to tire repair place (very nice people)
18. tire is repaired in about 30 minutes...NO CHARGE! thank tire repair man profusely
19. arrive at work, 70 minutes late


My Life Song Sings For You said...

I'm so sorry your day started off so crazy! But I'm so glad that there were people that were so helpful and kind! Hope the rest of your day goes peacefully. Love you!

Leasa said...

Tears want to roll down my face for you! Sorry your day got off to such a sucky start. At least you didn't have to deal with mean people :-)

Tresa said...

Thank you Lindsay and Leasa for your sweet and supportive comments. I'm actually having a good day, now.

Momma Truitt said...

I am sorry you had such a bad start to your day! But it is so neat to have the kindness of strangers. So cool that you had that :)

sweetlittlelife said...

I'm impressed by your positive attitude despite a yucky morning! I like nice people! I'm sorry it was rough, but glad it got better for you! I love you!

Beautiful~Mallory said...

I hate when days get off to a bad start.....sometimes when it rains it pours, but glad everything turned out ok!!