Monday, March 9, 2009

The Van

Much to our dismay, we must bid farewell to Joel's 1992 GMC Safari van. It's been a faithful servant having been driven over 257,000 miles. Joel took it to a repair shop last week to get an estimate on brake repairs. Naturally, the van needed a lot more work done, at the tune of $1300.00. Today as he was driving to work, the good tire went flat, leaving him stranded several miles from home. He needed my help because the car jack wouldn't work but, the other car was in the shop getting the starter, that we had to get replaced last week, replaced again! I finally got the other car and headed to Joel's location. As our luck would have it, he was not able to get to the spare tire, so we had to have the van towed home. SIGH Joel has driven the rattlely van all winter with very little heat. We were hoping the van would hold up through February, putting off buying a new/newer car until Joel had a decent amount of time in at his new job. The man has never complained about driving the van. Today while he was struggling with the spare tire, you know what he said? "Shoot!" No cussing, no tantrum, just "shoot!". Just one of many reasons why I love him!


sweetlittlelife said...

I appreciate a lot about this.

Number live simply and don't mind a nice '92 Safari (the name cracks me up.)

Number have had nothing but headaches with cars and you have not complained or freaked out. I'm proud.

Number 3...kudos to Joel for not even mentioning the fact that the van was not enjoyable to drive.

I'm kinda your fan, ya know...
You got yer safari van, yer van Halen, yer rip van winkle, yer van-ity

Tresa said...

LOL (love the van-ity!) You got yer delivery van, yer Chevy van, yer Dick Van Dyke

Leasa said...

Ya can't beat 257,000 miles. But sorry it died at an unopportune time.

Tresa said...

We've known of its impending death for weeks but we were in denial. Just don't want a car payment!

Leasa said...

Oops....In opportune