Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jury Duty, Tresa-Style

I had to report for jury duty Wednesday morning at 8:15AM, Superior Court 2, 4th floor. I arrived at the courthouse at 8AM. As I exited the elevator on the 4th floor of the courthouse, I noticed a sign on a door that said "jury duty", so I entered the room and took a seat. Forty-five minutes later, a bailiff did a role call. My name was not on the list, along with 5 others. She told us we were in the wrong room and to go to the third floor, so we did. We all took a seat among a room full of people. We then viewed a 15 minute video on the procedures of jury duty. After the video finished, the bailiff did a role call. Me and another woman were not on that list. This bailiff told us we were in the wrong room and to go [back] to the 4th floor, so we did. I finally asked for help and we were pointed in the right direction. I checked in at the courtroom office and explained what had happened. I was told that I had already been called to the juror's box for questioning (of course it appeared as though I was a no-show) and to take a seat in the courtroom and I would next on the list to be called. About 3 minutes later, we were told that there were enough potential jurors in the room and so we would be moved. Guess where? Right back to where we started! By the time we got back to square one, the attorneys had come into the courtroom. Immediately, I noticed that I knew the defense attorney which would have most likely meant that I would be dismissed. Even though the prosecutor asked if anyone in the jury pool knew any of the named witnesses, defendant or attorneys and I raised my hand, I was not dismissed. I sat there AAAALLLL day and I never made it to the jury box. If I had not assumed that there was only one jury duty room (dumb, I know) I probably would have been finished before noon. I admit it, I'm guilty of self-induced chaos, Tresa-style.


My Life Song Sings For You said...

I'm so sorry! Days like that need a nice bowl of ice cream or something like that to end the day on!

Leasa said...

Sounds to me like they are not very organized. Geez. Was the attorney Leann? I like your guilty blond lady-funny!

Tresa said...

Yes, it was Leeanna Kirkwood. Her hair is totally gray! She was working as a public defender. I agree, they are very unorganized. One would think they would call the role first thing--strange procedures.

Linz, on my way home after jury duty, I stopped for ice cream! Seriously. LOL

My Life Song Sings For You said...

HAHA!You can't beat ice cream....which at the moment sounds great!