Sunday, June 14, 2009

There must be something in the atmosphere....

The past 5 days have been an interesting and crazy mix of good and not-so-good. The highlight was having Mallory home. She came home for a teaching job interview on Thursday.

When I got to work on Wednesday morning, I learned that a water pipe had burst in our office building so there was an inch of water throughout most of the office area--it was a "do I laugh or cry?" moment. Eventually, a carpet cleaning company came in to remove the water; the broken water line was repaired. My co-workers and I made the decision to close the office for the rest of the week. We made the decision because our boss is on a three week cruise in Alaska. I was certainly not disappointed to be off work while Mallory was here.

After Mallory arrived on Wednesday evening, she, Joel and I jumped in the car and headed to Marion for dinner. We went to one of Joel's most favorite restaurants (a fast-food dive) called Penguin Point. Mallory and Joel had made a deal (over a year ago) that involved him following through with a request she made if she agreed to eat at the Point with him. She "paid up".

On Thursday, Mallory and I had a late and delicious lunch at Olive Garden. We spent the evening sitting in my swing, chatting and chatting and chatting. We were forced inside by a mysterious insect that buzzed by Mallory and landed on her arm. She was up and out of the swing in one swift move, me along with her even though I had no idea why. Hey, that's my girl!

On Friday, we visited the nearby town of Matthews, which has a beautifully restored covered bridge.

As we were driving home, I noticed a sign pointing in the direction of a Girl Scout camp that I attended when I was a Brownie Scout, so we followed the signs to Camp Windigo. Even though the camp was closed, I enjoyed seeing the place again. I have good memories of my day-camp days from preparing lunch over an open fire, to playing with our lemme sticks. (lemme sticks are round, wooden dowels, about 18' long and 1' in diameter, that are used in synchronization to beat out the rhythm of a song, stick against the ground, and stick against the stick of a partner.) Mallory listened (kindly) as a recollected my days as a Brownie.

On Friday evening, Mallory prepared some yummy tacos for us and Joel. I wasn't feeling well, due to my sinus problem and in fact, was running a fever so I slept much of the evening. I was so disappointed. I can't remember the last time Mallory and I were together when both of us felt well. What's going on here? I slept so much on Friday evening, that I was up at 4AM, sitting outside with Joel on the swing. It was a beautiful, cool and starry night. What a great time to be outside! (Joel was up because he had played in an online poker tournment, which had just ended)

On Saturday morning, I was feeling much better so Mallory and I headed into Summitville for the town-wide rummage sale (we call it "rummage" in my necks-of-the-woods, most others call it a yard sale). We found cheap and fun bargains so we were giddy with excitement.

Mallory is planning to refinish the stool for her classroom. I found this neat hutch that I plan to make-over and use in our livingroom.

We spent a grand total of only 35 bucks for all of our rummage sale treasures! After we returned from rummaging we met up with my mom and sister for a delightfully, long lunch.

Today, my back is "out". While I was drying off from my shower (yesterday), I twisted in a way that I guess I shouldn't have. Now I'm dealing with severe pain and back spasms. Thank goodness, I still have some pain medication left over from my last back episode.

I'm back in la la land....


sweetlittlelife said...

I loved reading your post! It was such a nice weekend! I'm sorry it was rough for you! I love you.

Leasa said...

What a great post. I had to check it out more than once.