Thursday, September 24, 2009

Childhood Memories

710 South Main Street
Fairmount, Indiana
a really cool mom who introduced us to Beatles music
a really cool and fun mom, period!
a hardworking dad
asking dad for candy money and getting a quarter!
playing school in the basement
playing with paper dolls- Tini Mods, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, Archies
riding bikes - "look, no hands!"
hijacking [brother] Robb's Tonka truck so the Barbies could go camping
playing kickball, hide-and-seek and tag with the neighborhood kids 'til dark
drive-in movies at the Hi-Way Theater--eating homemade popcorn from a brown paper grocery sack and sipping on cold bottles of Coke
Eleanor, our dear, cherished neighbor (and baby-sitter on mom's sorority night)
Eleanor's candlelight dinners, for just us kids
Friday night dinners at Rosie's Little Italy in Marion
stopping for Pizza King pizza on our way home from weekend camping trips
two week family vacations, every summer
hanging out at the ballpark, watching little league {boys} baseball
camping at Raccoon Lake
February 4, 1970, the day [sister] Christy was born
bunk beds
Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, The Osmond Brothers, Donny Osmond, The Jackson 5
The Brady Bunch, The Flintstones, Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, The Banana Splits
walking uptown to the dime store to buy candy
Happy, Happy Christmases!
going to Sandy's or Biff-Burger for a hamburger, french fries & coke
snitching rhubard from the neighbor's yard
eating mulberries straight from the bush
Park Elementary School
school skating parties at the Idyl Wyld
shopping (out of town) at Hills, Shoppers Fair, Grants and Jupiter
walking to the Dairy Queen for a Mr. Misty
popping tar bubbles with our bike tires on Tyler Street
baton twirling lessons
twirling my baton on Main Street
twirling my baton in the house -eek!
ironing dad's hankies
pixie hair cuts
swinging on the front porch
wearing a dress to school, every day
Bazooka bubble gum, Charms suckers, Kits and cinnamon toothpicks
answering the question, "which twin are you, Leasa or Tresa?"

happy times....cherished memories....wonderful childhood....

Thanks Mom and Dad!


Leasa said...

Darn it! Yours and Mallory's posts always make me cry. You said it so well.This is wonderful. Thank you, Tresa.

sweetlittlelife said...

So sweet!

Tresa said...

Thank you, thank you! It's nice to only think of the good things.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

WOW! *wipes tears from eyes and picks jaw up off floor* :-)