Thursday, November 10, 2011



Grandma seeking baby-sitting job
Will pay top dollar
Parents of Olivia T. need only answer

I had the honor of baby-sitting for my Granddaughter Olivia last Saturday. Olivia's Great Grandma Pulley (GiGi) stopped by the house "to help". There was lots of baby-talk, cooing, drooling and giggling but Olivia was mostly quiet.  Grandma B and GiGi had loads of fun. As you can see, Olivia had fun too!

Olivia loved GiGi putting "hats" on her head while Grandma took pictures.
Here, Olivia is showing us that she has discovered her tongue. If she wasn't sticking out her tongue, she was blowing raspberries. Hmmm...I wonder....

And then there's Jack. He now comes in 2nd place. He seems to understand that he must be kind to Olivia. I imagine he is wondering "what the heck happened! ".

This picture speaks for itself.


sweetlittlelife said...

What a sweet, fun, and silly post! I love it and I love you!

Leasa said...

Very cute post!