Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Dreams

When I was a pre-teen and into my teenage years, I was in love with the Osmond Brothers, especially Donny. My sister and I had many records and posters of the Osmonds, Jackson-5, Bobby Sherman, and David Cassidy. We were even "into" the Beatles because my mom was a fan. We were probably the youngest kids in town to receive the Beatles Revolver album  for Christmas in 1966.  The Osmonds were always my main focus though and for years, I dreamed of seeing them "live" in concert (with the dream of a make-out session afterwards--just being honest) . In 2010 my dream came true, minus the make-out session . But first, I must tell you about my Mom. She was a huge Pat Boone fan as a teen. She saw him in concert in 1957, at the Indiana State Fair. She was 18 years old. This past weekend, she saw him live (yes, he's still living--ha!) and in concert AND she got to meet him.  Here she is (on the left) with Pat Boone and her sister, Kay. I think he looks great! He's 76 years old. She said he was very nice and gracious. Mama had a dream come true.

My dream of seeing the Osmonds in concert came true in 2010. I also got to meet most of them (no Donny) and have my picture taken.  Happy of the top thrills of my life. 

Here is Jay Osmond, holding my hand and singing to me. I giggled like a teenager and I felt like one too.

The Osmond Brother's Show was incredible. They have amazing talent and they seem to genuinely enjoy and appreciate their fans. They were all so nice!

Here is a picture of my twin sister Leasa with Jay Osmond. She got to see the Osmond's for the first time a few months before me.  Another dream come true.

My younger sister Christy was a teenager in the 80's so her boy band was Duran Duran. Here she is, living her dream come true.  She is posing with Roger, one of the members. She met all of the other band members as well.  This is a dreamy, dream-come-true.

My daughter, who is now 26, was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys as a teenager and attended several of their concerts.   Last summer, Mallory got to meet them. Here she is, pictured with the BSB.  And yet another dream come true.

Three generations of teen idols and three generations living a dream. 


Tammy's in Love said...

Well Pat sure looks like a dream boat in that groovy white costume! I bought my mom a record of his at the thrift store a few weeks ago, she's the same


Perfectly Printed said...

Tresa, How fun to be able to have your pictures taken with your "dream idols". So lucky!!
I am your newest follower!!


Tresa said...

Hi Chris,

What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for following.


~~Carol~~ said...

I'm waiting to meet David Cassidy (swooon)! He still looks good, and I know it would be a thrill for me. I remember watching The Partridge Family, and using my little tape recorder to record the songs from each episode. What a dork I was!

Tresa said...

You were one smart cookie to think of recording songs from the tv shows. Love it! David Cassidy was so dreamy....

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Tresa! How fun for you! Starting at age 6, I had pictures of Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman and later- Jack Wild on my bedroom walls! I've always been boy crazy. Guess that's why God gave me 4 of them! :)

Tresa said...

Oh Holly, I was boy crazy too! I loved Davy Jones but Peter was my favorite Monkee. (I'm smiling)

sweetlittlelife said...

Awesome post! So much fun!

Tresa said...

Thank you, Sweetie!