Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moms and Daughters Craft Day

While my sister and niece from Georgia were visiting a few weeks ago, I hosted a moms and daughters craft day.   The ladies were met at the front door with the suggestion to "leave your troubles behind and let your creative mind take you away". 

The activities started at 11AM and the last crafter left at midnight.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. In between projects, we had lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert and more snacks. My kind of day!

I posted this sign as one of our mantras for the day. 

My sister Leasa brought this guy along to serve as our mascot. Some mascot he was! All he did was lay around, with a dopey grin on his face. He didn't move a muscle!  Leasa left Indiana without him. He suspects that he was dumped for "Magic Mike". Unbeknownst to her, I have named him Crafty Clark. He's about to embark on some interesting adventures. Stay tuned.  

Leasa spray painted this Ball jar and finished the top with nylon clothes line. She plans to use it as a vase. 
 So cute! (the jar too) 

This is my Mom and my daughter Mallory . They are awaiting instructions for our next project. My niece Lindsay, who has a degree in art education, taught us some painting techniques, using acrylic paint on canvas.  Lindsay was very patient with us.  Very. 

This is Lindsay, decorating her chipboard [initial] letter.  

Sweet Olivia was present for part of the day but she slept through much of it. 

Lindsay and Leasa working on their chipboard letters. 
(Do you see Crafty Clark on the window sill?)

This is Christy, my other sister. She is digging around in the lawn bag for sticks for her pom pom bouquet.  Christy was the official photographer for the day and unfortunately, this was the only picture taken of her (sorry Christy). Take my word for it, she is as cute as a bug's ear.  

Okay, here's a picture of Christy that I snagged from her facebook. 

I taught the ladies to make pom poms using my super-duper pom pom maker. It is so easy to use. We cranked out a lot of pom poms. 

Mom and Mallory made darling paper wreaths. 

Here is a line-up of many of our projects. Our canvas projects were still a work in progress. In fact, mine still is. 

This was one of THE BEST and most special days I've had in a long time.  
Thank you Mom, Mallory, Olivia, Leasa, Lindsay and Christy. Can't wait to do it all again.


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Oh wow you girls all look so much a like!
What a great thing to all get together and CREATE memories! :)

Leasa said...

Wonderful post and wonderful day. One of my best days in a long time too!

Perfectly Printed said...

How fun to get together for a special girls craft day!!


Momma Truitt said...

I love all of your crafts!! That looks soooo fun! And a side note, kimmie used to be a butt in the air sleeper, just like Olivia!!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh my goodness Tresa, your post made me laugh right out loud. The picture of the baby is so sweet with her little behind up in the air, and I love Crafty Clark. So funny. the picture of your sister just cracked me up, the one with her head in the bag. And yes, she is as cute as can be. It must run in the family!!
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving the sweet comment on my being published. It means to much to me that someone out there cares and is happy for me. It makes it that much better!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

What a wonderful day! I think you need to silver leaf Crafty Clark.

Tresa said...

Hi Julie!
Thank you for the sweet comments. Our craft day was a blast.

I am genuinely happy for you on your publishing deal. Even though we have never met personally, I can tell you are a kind and wonderful person. Three cheers for you and your success!

Tresa said...

LOVE the silver leaf idea. I cracked up when I read your comment. My daughter has suggested a gold chain for Clark. ha!