Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tini Mods Paper Dolls Fashion Show

When my husband got home from work today I said, "Sorry I missed your call, I was playing with paper dolls". Funny thing is, he didn't seem surprised.  My twin sister (Leasa) and I were paper doll fanatics. We had a set of  Tini Mods dolls (not this particular set) and we played with them constantly. More than likely we wore them out before we outgrew them. This set, which I found on ebay years ago, is missing one doll, Karen. I wonder if little girls play with paper dolls anymore... My gosh, getting a new book of dolls was so exciting. Punching out the new dolls first and then very patiently pressing out the clothes. One of us always managed to rip an arm and tear a tab or two but that was just to be expected.  My sister and I would play for hours and hours; dressing and undressing, non-stop play acting. Our dolls never argued, they were never mean or snarky. They were nice girls, just like us. We would talk about which girl we "wanted to be" in real life. I was always torn between the two blondes and the redhead. 

Here is the fashion line-up for today.  Some of the clothes are flocked!

These mod girls knew nothing about blogging, texting or facebook, but they did know a lot about fashion. 

My childhood memories are very sweet. Playing with paper dolls is one of  the sweetest. 
(More paper dolls to come)


Jenni Swenson said...

Love them! My sister and I played with paper dolls for hours!

VintageBettys said...

I'm so glad I found you....your thing didn't show me your webpage before....Those paperdolls are sweet :)

VintageBettys said...

Your granddaughter is so adorable :) Look at her pretty blue eyes and those dimples :)